Advisors are available to provide support and guidance at any time and should be consulted at each stage of graduate study for academic advising.  In addition to the advisors described below, students may approach any member of the faculty for advice, direction, or answers to questions.

Area Advisors Committee:

The Faculty Area Advisors are available for consultation and guidance in course selection and matters related to the student’s technical program.  Students are required to meet with their Area Advisor during New Grad Academic Training for initial course planning.  Students should continue to consult the Area Advisor concerning programs of study, until a primary research advisor has been selected.  The Area Advisors remain available for advising and consultation and may be required to sign certain departmental forms. 

Primary Research Advisor: Serves as your supervisor and mentor at eacj stage of degree completion.  Once you have selected a Primary Research Advisor and formally joined their group, they should be consulted about your program of study.

Faculty Graduate Advisor: Dr. Trevor Hayton, x3392, Chemistry, Room 3225

Appointed by the Dean of the Graduate Division on the recommendation of the Department Chair, deals with all graduate matters affecting the Department and represents the Department in dealings with the Graduate Division. The Faculty Graduate Advisor serves as chair of the Area Advisors Committee and may be consulted for academic advising throughout your program of study.  Forms and requiring the signature of the Department Graduate Advisor must be signed by the faculty graduate advisor.

Staff Graduate Advisor: TBN x2931, Building 232, Room 1004A

The Staff Advisor is the first point of contact for graduate students advising and provides assistance with graduate program administrative tasks, including degree evaluations and progress checks, referral, and career resource guidance. You should inform the Staff Advisor of leaves, milestone/exam scheduling, concerns or conflicts, and any other questions or issues that may arise throughout your program of study.