Welcome to the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at UC Santa Barbara

We represent all branches of chemistry, from materials chemistry to chemical biology. Our 46 faculty, including two Nobel Laureates, a graduate program in Chemistry and Biochemistry, postdoctoral researchers, and staff are all dedicated to exploring the frontiers of chemical science. We pride ourselves in a strong collaborative research environment, an ethos maintained by our connection to several interdisciplinary research units on campus.


The department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the department of Chemical Engineering
invite applications for a full time postdoc scholar employee with an anticipated start date of April
1, 2021 in the Han Research Group. The initial appointment should be for one year with potential
for renewal for up to three years.

1/25/2021 - 2/15/2021

Kevin Plaxco's lab develops a modular design approach for tuning two important and typically...

Research Highlights

New insights into tau protein aggregation in neurodegenerative disease from the Han group is published in PNAS. See The Current news article and journal article for more information.

Gui Bazan's research program is featured in the Advanced Materials Hall of Fame. Read the news highlight and review article.


Pettus group reports the biomimetic synthesis of microtubule inhibitor paecilospirone. See the Synlett article and accompanying news.