Outreach Programs

5th Grade Chemistry

Our Fifth Grade Chemistry Outreach Program is a partnership between local elementary students and teachers and UCSB students and faculty. To improve educational opportunities for K-12 students, we have developed a program that brings fifth grade students to the chemistry lab at UCSB every Thursday morning to participate in hands-on standards-based physical science activities. The program is designed to nourish their natural curiosity in science and to stimulate an interest in pursuing a higher education in science. In addition, UCSB students are given the opportunity to share their love of science with elementary students and to consider a career path as a science educator. For more information on the program including a schedule and how to get on the mailing list go to:

Highly amplified magnetic resonance instrument to probe molecular interfaces and local structures around defects.

Local 5th grade students experiment with liquid nitrogen


K-12 Scitrek

An outreach program run out of the chemistry department that focuses on allowing 2nd-5th grade students to experience science first hand by designing, carrying out, and presenting scientific experiments. SciTrek allows UCSB undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to volunteer within the program.

Visit the SciTrek website for more information on the program, how to get involved, and to get on the mailing list.

SciTrek: A hourney to knowledge

SciTrek, More Than Just an Experiment

Not Your Ordinary Science Education

The Gift of Exploration

Highly amplified magnetic resonance instrument to probe molecular interfaces and local structures around defects.

Scitrek volunteers performing chemistry outreach


JSU-UCSB Mentoring Partnership

The JUMP program (JSU-UCSB mentoring partnership) is designed to engage students and faculty at Jackson State University (JSU) and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (DCB) at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) by research and educational collaborations.  The program aims to encourage JSU undergraduate (and Masters) students to apply to graduate school at UCSB and other UC campuses and to enhance their success rate.

This JUMP program aims to help lower the cultural barriers for JSU students to applying to graduate school in general, and graduate programs at the UCs, in particular. It will not only familiarize JSU students with graduate school but also provide them with an extended research portfolio, to strengthen their applications. Equally important, this program will benefit UCSB students by virtue of their participation in the research of the JSU partners.

You can find detailed information about the program, the people involved and their activities on their website.