R. Daniel Little

Distinguished Research Professor

Contact Phone

(805) 893-3693

Office Location

3649C/D PSB-N



Dan Little received his BS degree in chemistry and mathematics from the University of Wisconsin in Superior, and then moved to the UW – Madison where he studied under Howard Zimmerman and received his PhD in 1974. Following a year and a half of postdoctoral study at Yale (with Jerry Berson), Dan accepted a position at UCSB where he is a professor and a past department chair. His interests span a wide range of topics that presently include electron transfer, green electrochemistry, applications of redox chemistry to synthesis, redox mediated processes, the development of polymer and dendrimer-based redox mediators, applications of quantum mechanical tools to aid in understanding redox chemistry, and the relationship between redox reactions and the expression of bioactivity.


Research Group Website: http://www.chem.ucsb.edu/~little_group/

Research Objective

• To obtain a fundamental understanding of the reactive intermediates produced using mediated, electrocatalytic processes well as their chemical transformations. We are developing the chemistry of both cation and anion radicals and are particularly interested in further explorations of remote regiochemical control, and upon applying our knowledge to the synthesis of natural products.

• In an effort to reduce costs and waste, we are designing, synthesizing and testing recyclable, polymer bound redox mediators to affect both oxidative as well as reductive processes. Other efforts to carry out green electrochemistry are being conducted in collaboration with Professor Bernardo Frontana-Uribe from UNAM in Mexico City and the Institute for Green Chemistry that is located in Toluca.

• Investigation of the redox chemistry of fulvenes with an eye toward using the chemistry to construct a variety of different rings systems, as well as using it to provide a simple, one-step synthetic route to metallocene co-catalysts.

• Investigation of the chemistry of cyclic peroxides.



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