Departmental Forms and Petitions

Petition to Select Primary Research Advisor (pdf): Complete this form and obtain all applicable signatures when selecting a primary research advisor for the first time or when switching from one research group into another.  Return completed form to the Staff Graduate Program Advisor in Building 232.   

Advisor - Student Group Selection Agreements

First Year Chair's Meeting Questionnaire (pdf): All new students must meet with the Department Chair, individually, during their first year. Your primary advisor should provide a written statement to the Chair in advance of this meeting. You are required to complete this questionnaire and submit it to the Chair in advance for discussion during the meeting. Responses should be typed using complete sentences, written in paragraph format. An essay or personal statement in which all items are addressed is also acceptable. Return your completed questionnaire or statement, this form with the Chair’s signature, and a copy of your current CV to the Staff Graduate Program Advisor immediately following your meeting with the Chair.

Annual Thesis Committee Meeting Checklist (pdf): The student will meet with all thesis committee members collectively at least once per year to discuss and reflect on progress and future plans in the program, receive input and feedback, and present any concerns or potential issues that you may have.  Students are required to establish the thesis committee no later than the end of the first year.  All new students must also meet with the Department Chair individually at the end of winter quarter of the first year.  The student’s primary advisor should provide a written statement to the Chair at least one week in advance of this meeting.  The student will complete a questionnaire (which should be obtained from the Staff Graduate Program Advisor) for discussion during the meeting. 

Students must return the Progress Report, CV, Signature Form, and Faculty Comments to the Staff Graduate Program Advisor immediately following the annual meeting. 

Annual Thesis Committee Meeting Signature Page (pdf): The student is required to obtain the signatures of all committee members present & submit the signature form with progress report, CV, and faculty comments to the Staff Graduate Program Advisor (all components must be submitted for the requirement to be considered complete).  The signature and comments of the PI will also be required (the PI should refer to the Primary Research Advisor section of the signature form).

Proposal Requirement Form (pdf): A topic and a proposal title must be approved by your Primary Research Advisor.  Once the proposal has been written and submitted, this form must be returned to the Area Advisor for final approval. 

Teaching Assistant Forms: More information for teaching assistants on these forms and policies that must be followed can be found on this page.

  • TA Absence Approval Request Form: Teaching Assistants who will miss lab for any reason during the quarter must submit an Absence Approval Request Form with the appropriate approvals to the Staff Graduate Program Advisor at least one week prior to the start of the quarter.

Waiver or Substitution of Degree Requirements Petition (pdf): Applies to departmental requirements only.  A separate petition is required to request a waiver of Graduate Division requirements. Please provide a detailed explanation of the request and attach any applicable justifications or documentation.

The nature of the request will determine which approvals are required.  Students should discuss degree requirement requests with the Staff Graduate Advisor prior to completing this petition. Refer to the petition for additional details.  

Departmental Exit Survey (Google Form): Please return completed form to the Staff Graduate Program Advisor upon completion of degree or final departure from UCSB.  Your forwarding information will be kept on file in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Student Affairs Office.