Admissions Information

PhD Program

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provides exciting opportunities for graduate study and research at the cutting edge of modern chemical science. The department is among the best in the country. We feature high caliber faculty and state-of-the-art facilities in all areas of chemistry, including the traditional sub-disciplines (biochemistry, inorganic, materials, organic, physical, and theoretical). Interdisciplinary collaboration with scientists, nationally and internationally, as well as with other departments and organized research units on campus, is encouraged and supported.

Chemistry/TEP Joint Graduate Degree Program

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry also offers a joint two-year program, with the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education. Students spend their first year working on an MA in Chemistry and their second year is spent working on a Single Subject Credential in Chemistry. 
For application instructions please refer to the TEP (Teacher Education Program) website.  Please note the following:
  • The E-APP application deadline for the Chemistry joint program is January 16, 2024
  • When starting your application you must select "Chemistry" as your major and "Master of Arts (MA) in Chemistry (CHEM)" as your degree objective
  • The TEP website prompts differ from the E-App essay prompts  

Application Decisions

After receiving all application materials, the faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry carefully review each application and make one of the following recommendations to the Graduate Dean: Admit or Deny. Decisions are based on the quality of a student's academic record and all supporting documents provided in the application (see the Application Instructions for specific information on what is required) as well as on preparation in the proposed field of study, work experience (if relevant), and the match between your goals and research interests with those of the program.  Many applicants who meet the minimum eligibility critieria cannot be accepted because the number of applicants far exceeds the number of slots for admission. 

Online Notification

The admission decisions (Unconditional Admission, Provisional Admission, Denied Admission) will be accessible to applicants; you can check your application status online.

Admitted students complete and submit the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) electronically. This form allows prospective students to officially inform the Department and the UCSB Graduate Division of their decision to accept or decline the offer of admission. If the offer of admission is accepted, the student's information will be transmitted to the Office of the Registrar. Applications will be closed for those students who inform us they will not be attending.

Admission Letters

The UCSB Graduate Division will notify all applicants via email when a final decision has been made and the application status will be updated with the decision result.  If applicable, admitted students who meet eligibility requirements will receive a financial offer letter from the department via email.  Because each application is carefully reviewed by a representative committee of faculty members, this process is carried out over a period of several months.  Applicants may receive an admissions decision as early as January, while others may not receive notification that a decision has been made until mid-April. 

Departmental Visits For Admitted Students

Admitted domestic students will receive an email invitation to our visitation events. More information and specific dates will be provided upon admittance. Attendance is dependent on space availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional information is available on our FAQs page.