Laboratory Safety Manual and Chemical Hygiene Plan


The Required Elements of Your Chemical Hygiene Plan:

Section I:  Lab Specific Chemical Hygiene Plan.

                    This section should include:

                  A.  Front Matter (intro, PI name, lab locations, instructions and signature page)

                  BSOP binder

                       -Chemical Based SOP; see SOP Instructions section below and in Front Matter.

                       -Process and physical hazard SOPs (recommended, not required).

                       -General lab rules and protocols.         

Section II:   Policies, Procedures and Resources

Section III:  Regulatory Framework


SOP Instructions Specific to Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry (exhibit 1 chemicals):

♦Instructions for generating exhibit 1 SOPs

♦List of Exhibit 1 Chemicals (requiring chemical specific SOPs):

    List of 500 Chemicals identified in Exhibit 1 of the Settlement Agreement (Excel)

    List of 500 CAS# only: Excel format for searching chemical inventories (does not include chemical families)

♦How to search your Excel chemical inventory spreadsheet against the exhibit 1 list:

    Step-by-Step Instructions (Word)

    Screen shots illustrating Step-by-Step Instructions (Powerpoint)

SOP Templates, exhibit 1:

    UC SOP Template Library for Exhibit 1 Chemicals

♦Settlement Agreement-compliant SOP's for pyrophoric materials:

    Procedures for Safe Use of Pyrophoric Solids (PDF)

    Procedures for Safe Use of Pyrophoric Liquid Reagents (PDF)


SOP Instructions for Non-Exhibit 1 Chemicals

♦Compare your chemical stocks and lab processes against the UCSB Sandard Operating Procedure Library to see which non-exhibit 1 SOPs you need:

UCSB Standard Operating Procedure Library

♦Then follow instructions located on page 4 of the Front Matter.