Clifford A. Bunton

Clifford A. Bunton
Professor Emeritus




Ph.D, University of London; Prof.Hon.Caus., University of Perugia.


Lecturer, Reader; Dept. of Chemistry; University College, London: Professor;Dept.of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California,Santa Barbara. Professor Emeritus; 1990-present.

Commonwealth Fellow, University of Columbia,1948. Academic visitor to Universities in Western and Central Europe, Canada, USA, South America, Saudi Arabia. Membership: ACS; RSC(UK); Fellow; AAAS; Academies of Science of Brazil and Chile.


Research Objective

Mechanisms of organic reactions. Reactivity in association colloids. Decontamination of chemical weapons. Ylide conformations.


Selected Research Publications

Anion-specific binding to n-hexadecyl phosphorylcholine micelles. J.P.Priebe, B.S.Souza,G.A.Micke,A.C.O Costa,H.D.Fiedler,C.A.Bunton,F.Nome, Langmuir 2010, 26,1008-1012.

Synthesis of a new zwitterionic surfactant containing an imidazolium ring. D.W.Tondo, E.C.Leopoldino,B.S.Souza,G.A.Micke,A.C.O.Costa,H.D.Fiedler, C.A.Bunton,F.Nome. Langmuir 2010,26,15754-15760.

Infrared spectroscopy and ab initio computation in conformer determination of keto ester and diketo triphenylphosphonium ylides. C.A.Bunton,F.Castaneda. J. Mol.Structure,2009,936,132-136.