Take a tour of the Han Lab and activities.

Feel free to take a tour of the Han laboratory and get a close look at our facilities and instruments. There is also an option to browse some of the group activities of the Han lab.

Following is a list of representative instrumentation available in the Han lab:

  • X-band CW-EPR (Bruker)
  • X-band ODNP setup (home-built)
  • X-band pulsed-EPR with AWG (Bruker)
  • Q-band pulsed-EPR (Bruker)
  • 7 T static DNP/NMR/EPR system (home-built)
  • 7 T MAS DNP/NMR system (home-built)

Also, a cw and pulsed 240 GHz EPR spectrometer is located in the lab of Mark Sherwin (Physics, UCSB). The state of the art, 240 GHz, EPR spectrometer is dual mode, one powered by a low power (~50 mW), solid state, source, and the other by a high power (>300 W), UCSB Free Electron Laser, source. Han is a co developer, collaborating with Sherwin, and have access to these instruments.

Han Lab Tour

  • X-band CW-EPR Spectrometer (Bruker)

  • Bridge12 ODNP Microwave Bridge

  • X-band pulsed EPR spectrometer with AWG (Bruker)

  • Q-band pulsed EPR spectrometer (Bruker)

  • 7 T static DNP/NMR/EPR system (home-built)

  • 7 T MAS DNP/NMR system (home-built) 

  • Quasi-optics bridge

Han Lab Activities

Marko's Farewell Party

  • Marko's off to his vacation!

Sohee's Farewell BBQ

  • Sohee's saying good-bye! 

Matt Idso Graduation Photos!

  • Brad Graduation
    Brad, Matt, and Songi

  • Matt Graduation
    Photo with Brad's Lab!

  • Matt Graduation
    Photo with Songi's Lab!

Alicia and Jessica Graduate!

  • Neil Graduation
    Alicia Graduates!

  • Neil Graduation
    Jessica Graduates!

  • Jessica Graduation
    Photo of Jessica's Committee!

  • Jessica Graduation
    Everyone Happy Jessica Graduates!

Noah Going Away Party!

  • Neil Graduation
    Group Photo (06-20-2017)!

Nikki's Defense!

  • Nikki Graduation
    Nikki's PI's

Graduation Party for Neil's Ph.D. Defense!

  • Neil Graduation
    Neil and Songi

  • Neil Graduation
    Group Photo!

  • Neil Graduation
    Neil's Graduation Party 2016

Han Lab outing in Santa Barbara 2016

  • Group Photo
    Group Photo

  • sunset

  • Sealions

  • Harbor
    Santa Barbara Harbor

  • Group Photo
    Group Photo 2

  • Han Lab Happy Hour!

Documenting Wildlife at the Rocky Mountain Conference 2016

  • Mouse


  • Goat

    Mountain Goats

  • Chipmunk


  • Fox


Group Outing at Santa Barbara Brewing Co

  • Burgers!

    Time to eat!

New Group Photos!

  • Jump!


  • Working in Lab

    Hard at Work

  • Welcome to PSBN

    Welcome to PSBN

Ting Ann Time!

  • Don't Shoot!

    Don't Shoot!

  • Ting Ann

    Howdy Cowboy

Chi-Yuan Going Away Party!

  • Chi-Yuan and Songi

    Songi's Eloquent Speech

  • Cake!

    Complete with Cake!

  • Group Photo Time!

    Group Photo Time!

New Superconducting Magnet for 0.35 T T1 Measurements!

  • Superconducting Magnet

    New Magnet arrived in Lab!

  • Using some muscle to move the magnet

    Carefully positioning the magnet!

  • Finished!

    Finished Moving!

Charged 300 MHz Magnet Moved to the Han Lab

  • Magnet_move1.jpg

    The Bruker 300 MHz arriving to PSBN!

  • magnet_move2.jpg

    Half way there!

  • magnet_move3.jpg

    Bruker BioSpin's Chris Knapp taking "charge" :)

Tim and Alicia's PhD Candidacy Celebration

  • Alicia_Songi.jpg

    Alicia is now a PhD candidate! Congrats!

  • tim_candidacy.png

    Tim is now a PhD candidate! Congrats!

  • Alicia_group.jpg

    The group at Alicia's advancement party.

  • Alicia_Cory.jpg

    Alicia and her husband, Cory, celebrating

Farewell to Devin, Yasar, and Matthias

  • Devin_yasar_matthias.jpg

    The three amigos! We will miss you all!

  • group_pic_2013.jpg

    The group at Shoreline Park.

  • Devin_posing.jpg

    We hate to see Devin, Yasar, and Matthias go!

Congratulations to Dr. Devin Edwards

  • Devin_cake.jpg

    Devin's thesis defense party cake!

  • Devin_defense.jpg

    Devin's PhD thesis defense

  • Devin_posing.jpg

    Katherine, Devin, and Anna

  • Devin_posing2.jpg

    Sunyia, Devin, and Anna

  • Devin_party_laugh.jpg

    Devin really enjoying his gifts

  • Devin_pintail.jpg

    Pin the calves on Devin

We will miss you John!

Han Lab Outings!

  • John_Party1_8_13.jpg

    John Franck in his new UCSB sweatshirt

  • John_Party2_8_13.jpg

    Congratulations to our newly wed John Franck

  • John_Party3_8_13.jpg

    John and Songi having a great time at Goleta Beach

  • palazzio.jpg

    Palazzio Italian Restaurant

UCSB Undergraduate Research Colloquium

  • undergrad1.jpg

    Mary Lou presenting her research

  • undergrad3.jpg

    Maia Kinnebrew and her mentor Sunyia Hussain at the colloquium

  • Neil_ENC.jpg

    Aaron Garrovillas and Kenneth Change posing next to their research poster

ENC 2013

  • ENC_2013.jpg

    Sunyia, Neil, and Ting Ann at the ENC 2013

  • TA_AS_SH_ENC.jpg

    Alicia, Sunyia and Ting Ann ready for some ENC talks

  • Neil_ENC.jpg

    Neil enjoying Pacific Grove, CA

  • ENC_cartoon.jpg

    Sunyia, Neil, and Ting Ann and the angry squirrel

  • ENC_2013_Songi_BA.jpg

    Songi and Brandon relaxing after a long day

Congratulations to the 2012 Graduates

  • anna_photo_3.jpg

    Songi giving Anna her awesome PhD hat

  • anna_photo_2.jpg

    Some of the group at Anna's defense party

  • anna_photo_1.jpg

    Anna with PhD hat after a strong defense

  • Group_3_TK.jpg

    Thomas' Master's thesis party

  • Group_2_TK.jpg

    Celebrating the lab move!

  • Group_1_TK.jpg

    The group loves Indian food

  • Alicia_SW.jpg

    Gathering at Goleta Beach

  • SW_Songi_SW.jpg

    Shamon's Master's thesis party at Goleta Beach

  • Otto_SW.jpg

    Otto and Monty

  • gathering_SW.jpg

    The group at Goleta Beach

  • group_pic_SW.jpg

    Group picture at Goleta Beach 2012

  • Yasar_fam_SW.jpg

    Yassar's wife and daughter Bahar

  • goleta_beach.jpg

    Beach at walking distance from lab

Group Gathering and Farewell to Yoshi

  • Alicia_Yoshi.jpg

    Alicia and Cory

  • Kenny_Yoshi.jpg

    Yoshi and Kenny

  • brew_co_Yoshi.jpg

    The Han Lab gathering at SB Brew Co.

  • North_Office_3_Yoshi.jpg

    Farewell party for Yoshi

  • North_Office_2_Yoshi.jpg

    Farewell party for Yoshi

2011 Activities

  • group_pic_2011.jpg

    Group picture 2011

  • JO_dad_JO.jpg

    Songi and the two Dr. Ortony's

  • Group_Pic_2_JO.jpg

    The group at Julia's PhD celebration

  • Food_JO.jpg

    Julia cutting the cake

  • TK_TAS_JO.jpg

    Thomas and Ting Ann

  • anothercake_JO.jpg

    Congatulations Julia!

  • cake_water_JO.jpg

    H2O cake!

  • group2_JO.jpg


  • small_group_JO.jpg

    Casual conversation

  • group_JO.jpg

    The group lounging

  • Songi_JO_JO.jpg

    Songi and Julia dancing

  • thomas_JO.jpg

    Thomas is multi-talented

2010 Activities

  • mark_grad_2010.jpg

    Congrats to Dr. Mark Lingwood for receiving his PhD in Chemistry

  • devin_magnet_2010.jpg

    Devin's hobby: destroying magnets

  • sunyia_magnet.jpg

    Sunyia cutting the old magnet open

  • Beth_Songi_BA.jpg

    Songi, Beth, Otto, and Brandon

  • food_BA.jpg

    Brandon and Devin posing

  • shirt_BA.jpg

    Brandon's gift at his PhD celebration

  • baseball_BA.jpg

    Baseball in the quad

  • john_BA.jpg

    John working the grill

  • susumu_BA.jpg

    Susumu, Louis Claude, and Beth

  • John_BA_BA.jpg

    Brandon and John are having a good time

  • Devin_BA_BA.jpg

    Devin wears cool aprons

  • Songi_and_BA_BA.jpg

    Songi and Brandon

  • songi_BA.jpg

    Brandon's gift to Songi

  • BA_Songi_BA.jpg

    Brandon giving Songi her gift

  • BA_BA.jpg

    Brandon and Beth after Brandon's defense

  • group_BA.jpg

    Lots of food!

  • sherwin_BA.jpg

    Rick Dahlquist and Mark Sherwin

  • mark_BA.jpg

    Mark and April

  • jeda_sunyia_julia.jpg

    Jeda, Sunyia, and Julia

  • BA_TA_ST.jpg

    Anthony, Brandon, and Susumu

Han Lab Past Activities

Pre-2010 Han Lab Activities

  • party_2010_old.jpg

    Anthony, Sunyia and delicious food

  • mark_brandon_old.jpg

    Brandon and Mark

  • danger_book_old.jpg

    Gifts for Songi and Otto

  • gifts_2010_old.jpg

    More gifts for Songi and Otto

  • group_2010_old.jpg

    Han group celebrating 2010

  • han_2010_again_old.jpg

    Han group celebrating 2010

  • group_pic_2010_old.jpg

    Group Picture 2010

  • guac_old.jpg

    John and his guacamole

  • group_pic_2_old.jpg

    Just hanging out on the roof

  • card_old.jpg

    Card for Songi and Otto

  • sunyia_old.jpg

    Meet Sunyia

  • pumpkins_old.jpg

    Halloween 2010

  • ravi_boat.jpg

    Party on a boat for Ravi's goodbye

  • pic1_old.jpg

    Songi and those who do biochemistry

  • steffen_bbq_old.jpg

    Farewell BBQ for Steffen

  • steffen_beach.jpg

    Steffen and crew having fun at the beach

  • bench_pose_old.jpg

    Han members posing at the bench

  • 7T_pose.jpg

    200 GHz quasi optical high field DNP system

  • group_pic_old.jpg

    Group picture 2008

  • pic2_old.jpg

    Group BBQ Aug. 2008

  • LN2_old.jpg

    Liquid nitrogen ice cream

  • group_pic_old.jpg

    Group picture 2007

  • old_members_pic_old.jpg

    Group picture summer, 2007

  • anna_party_old

    Group picture after-party

  • brandon1_old.jpg

    Brandon, beer, and baseball

  • anna_drink_old.jpg


  • april_old.jpg


  • party_songis_old.jpg

    Peter and Evan's combined going away party

  • brandon_eq_old.jpg

    Brandon and his equations...

  • peter_old.jpg

    Peter Blümler, visited on Sabbatical

  • peter2_old.jpg

    Peter showing us how they do science in Germany

  • brandon_hf_old.jpg

    When physicists do chemistry...

  • poker_old.jpg

    A lunchtime hobby

  • spec_move_old.jpg

    Moving the free NMR spectrometer

  • portable_dnp_old.jpg

    Brandon and Mark showing off the portable DNP system

  • dnp_elevator_old.jpg

    Mark with some portable DNP

  • joke_old.jpg

    A "joke" group picture, 2007

  • sandra_old.jpg

    A Han Lab visitor

  • beer_old.jpg

    Another "joke" photo

  • magnet_move_old.jpg

    Initial delivery of the 7 T Bruker magnet 2005