Chemistry & Biochemistry Major Requirements

Major & Minor Requirements - This collection of documents is designed to help prospective Undergraduate students learn about the programs in our Department, including general information, suggested preparation, an outline of each program offered, and lists of course offerings.

Students are bound to the calendar year they enter into the major, either by petition or acceptance into the University as a Chemistry B.A., B.S., or Biochemistry B.S. major.

Pre-Requisite - Prerequisites are strictly enforced.  Most Chemistry courses build upon prerequisite or preparatory course work. Students who have not successfully completed the prerequisites for a course will not be allowed to register.  Specific course prerequisite information can be found on GOLD or in the the UCSB Catalog. If you are unsure if you meet a prerequisite or need to repeat a course, please see the undergraduate academic advisor.

Recommended Schedules


Program Brochure

Master of Science – Materials

Materials Student Manual

Gevirtz Graduate School

Science and Mathematics Education Minor

Petition to Add Minor