Room Reservations


The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry have three meeting rooms in the Chemistry and Physical Sciences North Buildings for department use.  These rooms are intended primarily as locations for academic events involving Chemistry department. The reservation of these facilities will be done on a first come first served basis.

  1. Open Google Calendar (
    • Switch to your Google Account if necessary.
  2. Begin placing an event on your calendar by selecting the time or day you want to reserve.
  3. Input the title of the reservation, and add or confirm the time.
  4. Select "More Options".
  5. On the right of this page, select Rooms.
  6. Either scroll to Chem to see all available rooms, or use the search field to input a building abbreviation (chem, psbn, etc.)
  7. Select the available room you wish to request.
  8. (Optional) Add any additional information you want add to the description and location fields, and add any additional attendees you want to invite under Guests.
  9. Hit Save and your reservation request will be emailed to department approver. 

REPEATING MEETINGS are scheduled quarter by quarter. Reservations starting Fall quarter will be taken starting September 1st, for Winter quarter on December 1st, for Spring on March 15th, and for Summer on June 1st.

You can view the calendar for each room to find available times either in Google, by adding the calendar to your list of commonly used calendars (press the + next to "Add a coworker's calendar", then Browse Resources, then check the calendars you want to view regularly), or via the usual Room Reservations page on the controlling department's website.

If you are flexible about when your meeting will be, or which room you will use, you can add multiple rooms (and guests) to your Event, then use the "Find a Time" feature to identify a time that both a room and your attendees are available.  Be sure to remove the rooms you're not booking before hitting Save.

Please note in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Chair reserves the right to cancel your room reservation with a minimum of two-days notice. This right will be invoked only in emergency circumstances. If you use these facilities you are responsible for leaving them clean, in original configuration, dark, and securely locked. Thank you.


In your UCSB Google Calendar, next to the "Add calendar" option find this icon:

Click on this icon to bring up the menu and select "Browse resources"

From this point, scroll down and select "chem". This will expand to show the three calendars for our reservable space. On the left side of each room you can click the check box and now it will be available for viewing on your calendar when activated.