Volunteer Info

Thank you for your interest in participating with SciTrek!  We have different volunteering opportunities available depending on your availability: behind the scenes volunteers and in-classroom volunteers.


Join us any weekday afternoon from 3-5pm in CHEM 1009 to help us prep materials.  We have many tasks at hand to prepare for the experiments and we'd love to have you join us!  Learn about managing classroom materials and activity preparation.

We welcome those who would prefer to have a regular volunteering schedule as opposed to dropping in. E-mail scitrekadmin@chem.ucsb.edu to sign up.


Schedule Structure

The programs are scheduled for 2-3 days per week (T/Th or M/W/F schedules available) for a duration of 2-3 weeks at a time.

See the "Elementary Schedule"  or "Middle School Schedule" page to see available volunteering times.



You will be working with one group of students through an entire module therefore, volunteers should only sign-up if they can attend all days of the module (6-8 days). Modules are scheduled for alternating days MWF or TR to accomodate university class schedules.

If you would like volunteer hours varified, you must tell your SciTrek lead on the first day of the module. Only classroom time is eligibible for volunteer hours. 

Sign Up Contact


Sammi Lambert


Middle School

Sammi Fowler


PLEASE NOTE: Priority is given to volunteers who can commit to the most days of the module.

Earning credit - Chem 193

Chem 193 is a pass/no pass class that offers one unit for volunteering with the SciTrek program. Students will be awarded 1 unit for volunteering for two modules and completing 5 hours behind the scenes. The 5 hours behind the scenes must be completed before finals week. To enroll in the class, e-mail scitrekadmin@chem.ucsb.edu for the elementary program and scitrekcoord@chem.ucsb.edu for the middle school program.  Please include the classroom, teacher and class period for the module that you plan to volunteer for (dates and times are found on the scheduling pages).  

Grade Note: If you miss more than two days, you will get a no pass. For the first two days you miss, you will need to make up your hours by completeing two hours of behind the scenes time within one week for every one day you miss.

Chemistry/TEP Joint Graduate Degree Program

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers a joint two-year program with the Gervitz Graduate School of Education. Students spend their first year working on an MA in Chemistry while simultaneously running modules and doing research on the SciTrek Program. Year two is spent working on a Single Subject Credential in Chemistry. For more information, please see Chemistry/TEP Joint Graduate Degree Program.


Transportation is provided for volunteers. Volunteers meet at the SciTrek office (CHEM 1105), leave campus together and then return together. Module times on the scheduling page include transportation times.