Nora Schopp

Nora Schopp
1st Year Graduate Student
Materials Chemistry
UCSB Regents Fellow

Office Location

Chem 3132


Characterisation of organic photovoltaics


RWTH Aachen University, Chemistry


I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, in 2015. I continued my studies with a Master’s program with specialization in Materials and Catalysis, and decided to explored a broad range of research fields related to polymer chemistry. I worked on the synthesis and characterization of polymers and hydrogels at the DWI Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials and got insights into processing and scale-up of hydrogels at the AVT Process Engineering in Aachen. In Dr. Herres-Pawlis group, I learned about homogeneous polymerization catalysis and I gained experience in classical organic synthesis in Dr. Rueping’s group at RWTH Aachen University. An ACalNet scholarship brought me to UCSB in 2016, where I worked in Dr. Ford’s group on sustainable heterogeneous catalysis and the synthesis of polymeric lignin model compounds. In 2017, I came back to UCSB for my Master Thesis on organic photovoltaics.