Nora Schopp

Nora Schopp
1st Year Graduate Student
Materials Chemistry
UCSB Regents Fellow

Office Location

Chem 3132


Characterization of organic photovoltaics


B.Sc. Chemistry, RWTH Aachen University 

M. Sc. Chemistry, Specialization in Catalysis, Materials and Mesoscopc Systems, RWTH Aachen University


I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, in 2015. I continued my studies with a Master’s program with specialization in Materials and Catalysis, and decided to explored a broad range of research fields related to polymer chemistry. I worked on the synthesis and characterization of polymers and hydrogels at the DWI Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials and got insights into processing and scale-up of hydrogels at the AVT Process Engineering in Aachen. In Dr. Herres-Pawlis group, I learned about homogeneous polymerization catalysis and I gained experience in classical organic synthesis in Dr. Rueping’s group at RWTH Aachen University. An ACalNet scholarship brought me to UCSB in 2016, where I worked in Dr. Ford’s group on sustainable heterogeneous catalysis and the synthesis of polymeric lignin model compounds. In 2017, I came back to UCSB for my Master Thesis working on organic photovoltaics characterization with photoconductive AFM and decided to continue my research in the Nguyen group by starting my PhD at UCSB in 2018.