Brett Yurash

Brett Yurash
5th Year Materials Chemistry PhD candidate

Office Location

Chem 3132


Fundamental study of excitons in organic semiconductors.


I was born in Palo Alto, California and lived there until I was 11, at which point I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. Although I very much enjoyed the scenic beauty of Colorado and snowboarding during winter, I decided I needed California back in my life, so I made the choice to go to Santa Clara University (in the bay area) for my undergrad where I majored in Chemistry. While at Santa Clara University I did research in the field of peptide-mimetics, focusing on structural characterization, and also played on the rugby team. After graduating from SCU I was fortunate enough to stay in sunny California, beginning my journey as a graduate student at UCSB.


My current research concerns the study of fundamental processes in organic semiconductor materials. In particular, my research focuses on the nature of exciton formation, diffusion, and decay. With an enhanced understanding of this phenomenon, relevant to both organic photovoltaic devices and light emitting diodes, I hope to be able to guide the design of better-performing devices.


Exciton diffusion in organic semiconductors