Balaram Takale

Postdoctoral researcher


Flag of India


B.S., University of Mumbai, 2006

M.S., University of Mumbai, 2008

PhD., University of Mumbai, 2012


Bala was born in small village of Panvel-Mumbai located in the middle of mountains and sea where he also loved to do hunting. After finishing his doctoral study at Institute of Chemical Technology-Mumbai, he did first postdoc with Prof Yoshinori Yamamoto at Tohoku University. In Lipshutz group, he is working on organic reactions catalyzed by palladium in aqueous system. Apart from this, he loves to do farming, hiking, swimming and singing. 

Fun facts

  • Bala devotes more time for watching B-/H-ollywood movies than he does for any other things
  • Bala has turned himself half vegan after enjoying meat of countless animals and birds during his wild hunting
  • In free time, Bala likes to sleep, sleep and sleep.