Past Activities

Pre-2010 Han Lab Activities

  • party_2010_old.jpg

    Anthony, Sunyia and delicious food

  • mark_brandon_old.jpg

    Brandon and Mark

  • danger_book_old.jpg

    Gifts for Songi and Otto

  • gifts_2010_old.jpg

    More gifts for Songi and Otto

  • group_2010_old.jpg

    Han group celebrating 2010

  • han_2010_again_old.jpg

    Han group celebrating 2010

  • group_pic_2010_old.jpg

    Group Picture 2010

  • guac_old.jpg

    John and his guacamole

  • group_pic_2_old.jpg

    Just hanging out on the roof

  • card_old.jpg

    Card for Songi and Otto

  • sunyia_old.jpg

    Meet Sunyia

  • pumpkins_old.jpg

    Halloween 2010

  • ravi_boat.jpg

    Party on a boat for Ravi's goodbye

  • pic1_old.jpg

    Songi and those who do biochemistry

  • steffen_bbq_old.jpg

    Farewell BBQ for Steffen

  • steffen_beach.jpg

    Steffen and crew having fun at the beach

  • bench_pose_old.jpg

    Han members posing at the bench

  • 7T_pose.jpg

    200 GHz quasi optical high field DNP system

  • group_pic_old.jpg

    Group picture 2008

  • pic2_old.jpg

    Group BBQ Aug. 2008

  • LN2_old.jpg

    Liquid nitrogen ice cream

  • group_pic_old.jpg

    Group picture 2007

  • old_members_pic_old.jpg

    Group picture summer, 2007

  • anna_party_old

    Group picture after-party

  • brandon1_old.jpg

    Brandon, beer, and baseball

  • anna_drink_old.jpg


  • april_old.jpg


  • party_songis_old.jpg

    Peter and Evan's combined going away party

  • brandon_eq_old.jpg

    Brandon and his equations...

  • peter_old.jpg

    Peter Bl├╝mler, visited on Sabbatical

  • peter2_old.jpg

    Peter showing us how they do science in Germany

  • brandon_hf_old.jpg

    When physicists do chemistry...

  • poker_old.jpg

    A lunchtime hobby

  • spec_move_old.jpg

    Moving the free NMR spectrometer

  • portable_dnp_old.jpg

    Brandon and Mark showing off the portable DNP system

  • dnp_elevator_old.jpg

    Mark with some portable DNP

  • joke_old.jpg

    A "joke" group picture, 2007

  • sandra_old.jpg

    A Han Lab visitor

  • beer_old.jpg

    Another "joke" photo

  • magnet_move_old.jpg

    Initial delivery of the 7 T Bruker magnet 2005