Han Lab Activities

Marko's Farewell Party

  • Marko's off to his vacation!

Sohee's Farewell BBQ

  • Sohee's saying good-bye! 

Matt Idso Graduation Photos!

  • Brad Graduation
    Brad, Matt, and Songi

  • Matt Graduation
    Photo with Brad's Lab!

  • Matt Graduation
    Photo with Songi's Lab!

Alicia and Jessica Graduate!

  • Neil Graduation
    Alicia Graduates!

  • Neil Graduation
    Jessica Graduates!

  • Jessica Graduation
    Photo of Jessica's Committee!

  • Jessica Graduation
    Everyone Happy Jessica Graduates!

Noah Going Away Party!

  • Neil Graduation
    Group Photo (06-20-2017)!

Nikki's Defense!

  • Nikki Graduation
    Nikki's PI's

Graduation Party for Neil's Ph.D. Defense!

  • Neil Graduation
    Neil and Songi

  • Neil Graduation
    Group Photo!

  • Neil Graduation
    Neil's Graduation Party 2016

Han Lab outing in Santa Barbara 2016

  • Group Photo
    Group Photo

  • sunset

  • Sealions

  • Harbor
    Santa Barbara Harbor

  • Group Photo
    Group Photo 2

  • Han Lab Happy Hour!

Documenting Wildlife at the Rocky Mountain Conference 2016

  • Mouse


  • Goat

    Mountain Goats

  • Chipmunk


  • Fox


Group Outing at Santa Barbara Brewing Co

  • Burgers!

    Time to eat!

New Group Photos!

  • Jump!


  • Working in Lab

    Hard at Work

  • Welcome to PSBN

    Welcome to PSBN

Ting Ann Time!

  • Don't Shoot!

    Don't Shoot!

  • Ting Ann

    Howdy Cowboy

Chi-Yuan Going Away Party!

  • Chi-Yuan and Songi

    Songi's Eloquent Speech

  • Cake!

    Complete with Cake!

  • Group Photo Time!

    Group Photo Time!

New Superconducting Magnet for 0.35 T T1 Measurements!

  • Superconducting Magnet

    New Magnet arrived in Lab!

  • Using some muscle to move the magnet

    Carefully positioning the magnet!

  • Finished!

    Finished Moving!

Charged 300 MHz Magnet Moved to the Han Lab

  • Magnet_move1.jpg

    The Bruker 300 MHz arriving to PSBN!

  • magnet_move2.jpg

    Half way there!

  • magnet_move3.jpg

    Bruker BioSpin's Chris Knapp taking "charge" :)

Tim and Alicia's PhD Candidacy Celebration

  • Alicia_Songi.jpg

    Alicia is now a PhD candidate! Congrats!

  • tim_candidacy.png

    Tim is now a PhD candidate! Congrats!

  • Alicia_group.jpg

    The group at Alicia's advancement party.

  • Alicia_Cory.jpg

    Alicia and her husband, Cory, celebrating

Farewell to Devin, Yasar, and Matthias

  • Devin_yasar_matthias.jpg

    The three amigos! We will miss you all!

  • group_pic_2013.jpg

    The group at Shoreline Park.

  • Devin_posing.jpg

    We hate to see Devin, Yasar, and Matthias go!

Congratulations to Dr. Devin Edwards

  • Devin_cake.jpg

    Devin's thesis defense party cake!

  • Devin_defense.jpg

    Devin's PhD thesis defense

  • Devin_posing.jpg

    Katherine, Devin, and Anna

  • Devin_posing2.jpg

    Sunyia, Devin, and Anna

  • Devin_party_laugh.jpg

    Devin really enjoying his gifts

  • Devin_pintail.jpg

    Pin the calves on Devin

We will miss you John!

Han Lab Outings!

  • John_Party1_8_13.jpg

    John Franck in his new UCSB sweatshirt

  • John_Party2_8_13.jpg

    Congratulations to our newly wed John Franck

  • John_Party3_8_13.jpg

    John and Songi having a great time at Goleta Beach

  • palazzio.jpg

    Palazzio Italian Restaurant

UCSB Undergraduate Research Colloquium

  • undergrad1.jpg

    Mary Lou presenting her research

  • undergrad3.jpg

    Maia Kinnebrew and her mentor Sunyia Hussain at the colloquium

  • Neil_ENC.jpg

    Aaron Garrovillas and Kenneth Change posing next to their research poster

ENC 2013

  • ENC_2013.jpg

    Sunyia, Neil, and Ting Ann at the ENC 2013

  • TA_AS_SH_ENC.jpg

    Alicia, Sunyia and Ting Ann ready for some ENC talks

  • Neil_ENC.jpg

    Neil enjoying Pacific Grove, CA

  • ENC_cartoon.jpg

    Sunyia, Neil, and Ting Ann and the angry squirrel

  • ENC_2013_Songi_BA.jpg

    Songi and Brandon relaxing after a long day

Congratulations to the 2012 Graduates

  • anna_photo_3.jpg

    Songi giving Anna her awesome PhD hat

  • anna_photo_2.jpg

    Some of the group at Anna's defense party

  • anna_photo_1.jpg

    Anna with PhD hat after a strong defense

  • Group_3_TK.jpg

    Thomas' Master's thesis party

  • Group_2_TK.jpg

    Celebrating the lab move!

  • Group_1_TK.jpg

    The group loves Indian food

  • Alicia_SW.jpg

    Gathering at Goleta Beach

  • SW_Songi_SW.jpg

    Shamon's Master's thesis party at Goleta Beach

  • Otto_SW.jpg

    Otto and Monty

  • gathering_SW.jpg

    The group at Goleta Beach

  • group_pic_SW.jpg

    Group picture at Goleta Beach 2012

  • Yasar_fam_SW.jpg

    Yassar's wife and daughter Bahar

  • goleta_beach.jpg

    Beach at walking distance from lab

Group Gathering and Farewell to Yoshi

  • Alicia_Yoshi.jpg

    Alicia and Cory

  • Kenny_Yoshi.jpg

    Yoshi and Kenny

  • brew_co_Yoshi.jpg

    The Han Lab gathering at SB Brew Co.

  • North_Office_3_Yoshi.jpg

    Farewell party for Yoshi

  • North_Office_2_Yoshi.jpg

    Farewell party for Yoshi

2011 Activities

  • group_pic_2011.jpg

    Group picture 2011

  • JO_dad_JO.jpg

    Songi and the two Dr. Ortony's

  • Group_Pic_2_JO.jpg

    The group at Julia's PhD celebration

  • Food_JO.jpg

    Julia cutting the cake

  • TK_TAS_JO.jpg

    Thomas and Ting Ann

  • anothercake_JO.jpg

    Congatulations Julia!

  • cake_water_JO.jpg

    H2O cake!

  • group2_JO.jpg


  • small_group_JO.jpg

    Casual conversation

  • group_JO.jpg

    The group lounging

  • Songi_JO_JO.jpg

    Songi and Julia dancing

  • thomas_JO.jpg

    Thomas is multi-talented

2010 Activities

  • mark_grad_2010.jpg

    Congrats to Dr. Mark Lingwood for receiving his PhD in Chemistry

  • devin_magnet_2010.jpg

    Devin's hobby: destroying magnets

  • sunyia_magnet.jpg

    Sunyia cutting the old magnet open

  • Beth_Songi_BA.jpg

    Songi, Beth, Otto, and Brandon

  • food_BA.jpg

    Brandon and Devin posing

  • shirt_BA.jpg

    Brandon's gift at his PhD celebration

  • baseball_BA.jpg

    Baseball in the quad

  • john_BA.jpg

    John working the grill

  • susumu_BA.jpg

    Susumu, Louis Claude, and Beth

  • John_BA_BA.jpg

    Brandon and John are having a good time

  • Devin_BA_BA.jpg

    Devin wears cool aprons

  • Songi_and_BA_BA.jpg

    Songi and Brandon

  • songi_BA.jpg

    Brandon's gift to Songi

  • BA_Songi_BA.jpg

    Brandon giving Songi her gift

  • BA_BA.jpg

    Brandon and Beth after Brandon's defense

  • group_BA.jpg

    Lots of food!

  • sherwin_BA.jpg

    Rick Dahlquist and Mark Sherwin

  • mark_BA.jpg

    Mark and April

  • jeda_sunyia_julia.jpg

    Jeda, Sunyia, and Julia

  • BA_TA_ST.jpg

    Anthony, Brandon, and Susumu