Software Packages

NMR Simulation Software/Packages:

NMR simulation package: Spinach

Steffen Glaser Mobile App: SpinDrops

Simpson Danish Center for Ultrahigh Field NMR Spectroscopy: Simpson

SpinEvolution: SpinEvolution

EPR Simulation Software/Packages:

EPR Simulation package: EasySpin: A numerical EPR toolbox for MATLAB

Multi-Component Nitroxide Fitting (Altenbach): MultiComponent

Short Distance measurements from Dipolar Broadening (Altenbach): ShortDistances

EPR Fitting and Simulation Routines: ACERT Downloadable Software

Online EPR Simulation: EPR Simulator

Optimization of ESEEM Simulation: OPTESIM

DEER Distance Distribution Software:

DEER Analysis Software (Jeschke): DeerAnalysis

LongDistances (Altenbach): LongDistances

Multi-Gaussian distribution Model (Fajer): DEFit

Protein Viewing and Simulation:

PDB viewer Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD): VMD

PDB viewer PyMol: PyMol

Physical and Chemical Properties of Protein Calculator - ProtParam: ProtParam