Graduate Program Overview

The UCSB Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry provides exciting research at the cutting edge of modern chemical science. According to a recent report by Chemical and Engineering News, publications by members of our department were the 7th most cited in the nation among all chemistry departments.

We continue to improve the quality of programs, the caliber of faculty, and the research experience of students by offering state of the art facilities for teaching and research in all areas of chemistry including the traditional sub-disciplines (biochemistry, inorganic, materials, organic, physical, and theoretical). Graduates of the PhD program are well-equipped to pursue career options in a wide variety of areas.  For a complete list of known employers of our alumni, take a look at our Alumni Job Placement Fact Sheet.

Interdisciplinary collaboration with scientists nationally and internationally as well as with other departments and organized research units on campus is encouraged and supported. Research groups on campus with whom we have current projects include the Materials Research Laboratory, the California Nanosystems Institute, the Institute for Terahertz Science and Technology, the Neuroscience Research Institute, the Marine Science Institute, and the Mitsubishi Chemical - Center for Advanced Materials.

The UCSB campus has an unequaled geographical setting, sitting directly on the Pacific Ocean with the Channel Islands to the south and the Santa Ynez Mountains to the north. The city of Santa Barbara, known as the American Riviera, is rich with culture, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous landscapes. All the amenities and necessities to work and play hard are available to graduate students.