Group photo taken 2016. Current members (left to right) Michael Häggmark, Professor Mattanjah de Vries, Sam Boldissar, Faady Siouri, Greg Gate, Jacob Berenbeim

We mourn the loss of Sam Boldissar (1992-2017) who passed away in a rock climbing accident this March at Joshua Tree National Park. Sam (center left in the photo above, beside Mattanjah) was first and foremost our friend who had a brilliant mind and passion for science, the California outdoors, and his family and friends. Sam was ever humble and his enjoyment of life was infectious. We are better for knowing him and absolutely devastated he is no longer here.

Sam had his hands in everything within our lab and we are currently preparing his works for publication. Please look firstly to his work on the photorelaxation dynamics of 6-thioguanine (published June 2017 Phys. Chem. A) .


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de Vries Research Group: Shedding Light on our Origins

Research in the de Vries Group involves a powerful combination of probing the photochemical properties or organic molecules by employing laser desorption of molecules from surfaces, laser photo-ionization, multiphoton spectroscopy, femtosecond & picosecond spectroscopy combined with mass spectrometry on a wide variety of projects.